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Why do I feel so inadequate ….. and should i care?

January 7, 2018 0

On most days, I think I am a pretty good mom. I put my kids first every day, every night, pretty much every moment of my life and I am good with that. People yell me all the time to make sure i have “me” time but on most days I like my me time to include my kids. Lately, the reality of the teenage years has sunk in. My older daughter has made the walk into the teenage years smooth. The middle daughter is really pushing me away. I hate it. It is not every day, and not all the time, but more and more her preference is to talk to her friends. She locks her door and chats with friends, watches netflix and is just self consumed. No longer are the days where she is doing handstands and back handsprings all night in front of us. Or snuggled on the couch with me. It feels like every time I say something to her I annoy her. She is hot headed with a little temper and if it isn’t what she wants to hear or do she gives you attitude. While i know this is just the teenage years, it is really hurtful to me, as a mom who invests all of my time into making her happy. Does she think i am that horrible of a mom, am i really that inadequate, and at the end of the day why do i care? I am her mom, not her best friend, but for some reason all in the same it makes me a little sad.

I hate the teenage years and it has only just begun.


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