What the hell happened to gym class???

December 2, 2016 0

My oldest daughter started High School this year. Yes, devastating to say the least. As Bryan and I went to Back to school night and listened to all the teachers give their little 10 minute chat about their expectations of the kids we only walked away from one class that we were kind of laughing and thinking lord help Emma. That class was gym. So a little bit about Emma, she is an awesome kid. God really gave me a good one there. She has a heart of gold, always willing to help, crafty, creative, loves to cook and take pictures. So based on that list the one thing we are missing is athletic. Now I am not saying she is a hot mess because she is not BUT she will never say “oh mom going to go outside and play soccer”. Now even though the teacher was listing all these things they were doing in class and how they would have to try all positions, etc I still heard as long as they get dressed and participate they will be fine. So to me Emma could handle that. She would never not get dressed or not participate so I really thought she will be fine. My biggest concern were the skills test. Let’s face it, she got my gene and is not a runner. I was athletic but I never have and never will be a runner. I played field hockey for years, tennis, go to the gym but running not my thing. So we gave her some little advice and told her as long as you try you will be fine. Well let me tell you I was beyond floored every time I would see her gym teacher post her daily grade and she would get an 80. At first I thought well maybe she isn’t participating because she doesn’t really know anybody at school. But no she said she was trying. Then the teacher would comment skills or fitness. Honestly WTF… skills… you have to be kidding me. So you are going to fault my kid because she doesn’t have flag football skills???? WTF is all I could say. I hate that we live in a society in which there is so much pressure to be some sort of star athlete. And when somebody is not a star athlete or participates in an athletic sport they are just not trying and are lazy. The one thing I can say is this. I could care less if Emma is an athlete. She is an exemplorary person. She is a role model to many. She has done more community service in her lifetime then most adults have done. God made us all different for a reason. So no I do not care that her teacher feels that she doesn’t have skills. I do care that she tries and she puts her best effort in it. I wouldn’t defend her if she wasn’t trying. BUT most of all I do care that she is being faulted for her athleticism (or lack thereof) and it will impact her overall grade point average. To me that is just plain B.S.

I will conclude by saying this. Emma ended up with a 94 for the semester which we were all very happy with. It appears she had a real knack for Kan Jam!!!


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