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The countdown is on…….

December 2, 2016 0

Tis the season!!! I can’t believe it is December! Another year almost done. And right around the corner are the holidays. In my house we are almost all decorated and the list are up on the wall, countdowns are going, and text messages of pictures of must haves are coming from the kids. As the kids get older it definitely gets harder. They either want very expensive items or money. It is nice that I still have a 7 year old with a list a mile long and everything is pretty cheap. She would be ecstatic to receive anything on her list and her heart is just filled with the magic of Christmas. The older girls love Christmas but aren’t as into anymore. Guess I spoil them too much all year!

What are the top of list items on your kids Christmas list?

For my kids:
Go Pro
American Girl

Of course Addison also wants the impossible Hatchimal, which will never happen. Lucky for her she has a January birthday so she has better luck of getting it then!


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