Daily Thoughts
Travel Etiquette
July 29, 2017 at 1:35 pm 1
Having a job that has me traveling quite a bit and being a lover of travel i have seen it all, especially in the airport. Recently I have been jotting things down and making little notes with the intention of either writing a short e-book on travel etiquette or just to share on my blog. People always amaze me. There are the wild extremes when traveling: over the top, dressed for bed, slow, running a marathon, patient, agitated. You literally see all forms of people. Some of it is comical and some of it is completely appalling. So here it goes... just a couple of airport thoughts: 1. Bathroom stall doors should always swing outward - simple enough. Some airport doors are great and have figured out this logic. So let me explain. When you travel you typically are carrying some sort of bag with you on the plane. In today's travel market almost everyone is bringing as much as they can in a carry on due to the price of baggage! Now imagine traveling alone so you have to bring your bags with you to the bathroom. Now think about having to go into a stall where the door goes inward, you now have to get your bags in, your body in AND then shut the damn door. The only way possible is move your bags by the toilet swing your body around the toilet and close the door. As a germophobe this just kills me every time. I do everything possible not to have anything touch anything, the wall, the toilet, just anything. Simple solution - the door should swing outward. Just saying Ya'll! 2. 8 inch heels not necessary - have you ever seen the woman who are dressed as if they are attending the Met Gala or the flip side working the street?? Really you all ... 8 inch heels are not necessary in the airport. I find walking through the airport a nightmare at times between people weaving around other people, running by you or even the fact that you might have to walk a good two miles to get from point A to B with a suitcase. So not that you can't look nice but a reasonable shoe would probably be best. These are just 2 of the many comments i have... be on the look out for more exerts of my travel etiquette guide! XOXO - happy travels ya'll