Robbed by the boy scouts
October 2, 2017 at 12:53 pm 0
I think I was robbed by the Boy Scouts this weekend. Not literally, well maybe literally. I love supporting all the kids. My daughter is a Girl Scout and I am always hoping that people will support her and buy those delicious Thin mints! But let's be honest, the price is half way decent for a box of cookies. Yes, some you don't get much for $4 but that is no different then a bag of chips that is all air. Well, this weekend we were leaving church and all of Addison's friends from her class were out there in their Boy Scout uniforms selling popcorn. Normally my husband buys the microwave ones from a friend at work but they had bags of popcorn too. So Addi looks at me and says "mom can we buy something". Of course, let's grab a bag of this White Cheddar popcorn. I go up to pay for the bag, hand the dad a $20 and he says it's $15. What the @$##@% !!!!! FIFTEEN DOLLARS for this bag of popcorn. Of course, I just bought the bag and left. But really I get mad when I pay $3.89 for my favorite Boom Chick a Pop but this is outrageous. What badge did that kid just earn.... how to swindle a mom.