About me

Welcome to Glittery Chaos!

This blog will be my random thoughts, opinions, crafty ideas and really just anything I want it to be!!

So first let’s start with me 🙂 I am a working mom of 3 girls and married to a great guy (well on most days – LOL!). We have the same story as many of our friends and probably my readers! We are always busy with life between work and running the kids to school and activities. So needless to say we are always on the go. My oldest daughter is 12 and she is just an incredible person. She has a heart of gold. She can be quiet and we often refer to her as an old soul. She loves crafts and could spend hours on pinterest. And there is another thing about her that will eventually come out in one of my posts that will make you say wow she is incredible too! Then there is my middle. She is 10 and is a ball of diva-ness! She is my dancer and gymnast. She is a beauty. People often just stop us to say how radiant she is, which is funny! She keeps me on my toes and stresses me out the most! Then there is my “baby” girl. Well she is turning 6 in 6 days and would tell me she is not a baby! She is this sweet little blessing. She loves animals and is so independent. She loves to dance and sing and she loves accessories!! My husband is pretty great on most days. He is a hard, loyal worker. He is a great dad and tries to keep me happy! And most of all he puts up with my crap and that says a lot! LOL!

For the past two years I have wanted to start a blog. It has been my New Years Challenge for two years too. So better late than never. I saw a post on pinterest about how to start a blog in 10 minutes and just decided it’s 2015 I was going to do it! I don’t know where this blog will lead me and I will apologize now because this could be a blog that is all over the place. I do guarantee you some good laughs about my crazy chaotic life filled with glitter!