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Middle school girls – wow

March 2, 2017 0

Proud mom of 2 teenage girls here……eeeeeek.

Middle school girls can be rough. I mean rough. I have the pleasure of having that child who has been surrounded by the drama of middle school girls (and even high school girls too) between school and dance class. Some days i just can’t even listen to the drama and other days I am shocked and appalled and 100 other emotions. The one thing I can say though is that my girl has learned a lot of life lessons in the last year, has had to mature a little faster and has grown a thicker skin. Last year in school it was rough. There were many days she was mentally exhausted from the drama, she cried herself to sleep and just wanting to break away. She made a decision the last day of school that she was going to take the summer off. She was not going to hang out with anyone and just break free. She had a lot of dance committments and vacations and it was the perfect time to just detox from it all. We started the new year off with a clean slate and a breath of fresh air. She went in positive and just was going to stick to her guns about laying low. She has done great and just stayed out of the drama. She kind of just floats around and has made great friendships with some of the boys too because they are so drama free. BUT and there is always a BUT there is one person she kept telling me about that just is out to make her life miserable. I thought she was being over dramatic and i really kind of chalked it up to hormones BUT let me tell you I have witnessed the craziness two times in the last week. This girl refuses to let another girl talk to my daughter even though they are friends. My answer always was that if that girl wants to talk to her she would. I mean they are 12/13 years old, i didn’t think that they could control each other that much. But wow is all i can say. The way she physically blocks my daughter and her friend from talking is like nothing I have ever seen in my life. It is really sad. I think what’s worse is that my daughter has just decided that even though she loves hanging out and talking to her friend that she just can’t make the effort anymore because it is just too much to deal with. When she told me that a few days ago I really tried to push her that she can’t let people get in the way. After witnessing today I understand. I don’t want to wish these years away but wow the things our kids go through is crazy. Not that my generation didn’t but for our girls it is 100 times worse because of all the technology they have (which is a whole different rant!!).

The one thing I pray about each day is that I hope that my girls learn from all these things and come out on top. I pray they are good to others and don’t ever treat people the way they have been treated. It’s a rough world out there and it starts so early.


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