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LuLaRoe – Epic Fails

March 2, 2017 0

I will start by saying that I love LuLaRoe! I have tons of leggings and I love the Carly! (For those of you who have no clue what LuLaRoe is – just think buttery soft leggings and then google it!) I am also very conscious of what I wear, how it looks and all that. So if you look at my collection of LLR leggings you will notice they all have a base of black so that i can match it easily with a black shirt. I do have a couple that fall out of this norm but then they match with grey (LOL!). If you ever watch a live feed you will hear the consultants talk about how wearing LLR is suppose to make you feel good about yourself and just be comfortable. And that it does. BUT I have to say I have seen some total epic fails. Now you will often see consultants sell an outfit, “perfectly paired” and they really make you believe that those purple flower leggings will look great with the green striped Irma but honestly we have mirrors for a reason. Pattern pairing may look good on that cute little LLR picture that your consultant posted on Facebook but let me tell you in person it just doesn’t.

On my last couple of business trips I have spent some idle time sitting in the airport and after a long couple days in the office i just simply sit and people watch. Without fail I see many LLR disasters. I can’t help but to stare and try to figure out why the hell anyone would pair these items together. I love the concept of LLR. I love the empowerment they give to woman of all sizes but just because you are embracing this hip new trend does not mean that you don’t have to at least match and look half way normal!! Ladies come out of the LuLaRoe euphoric cloud and just look in the mirror. If your initial reaction is oh my, change it up. You can still enjoy the fun and crazy patterns but by all means make an effort to match!

Just my two cents on embracing the LLR Craze!!


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