Girls Night Out!

February 28, 2015 1

I don’t know why but I am so excited to be going out with some of my college sorority sisters tonight. All week long I have been just excited, almost giddy to get to go out. Is it because I never go out without my kids??? Am I really that lame! And part of the answer is yes but when I sit and think about it I realize that there is so much more. As all of us have moved around, got married, got divorced, had kids, careers and everything else we just NEVER get to see each other. The one thing I love about facebook is that I feel like I know what is going on in their lives and I get to see them. If it wasn’t for facebook would I have lost all contact? Maybe and maybe not. But I think the real reason that I need this night out is because these girls are not only great friends who at any minute I know I could call them and they would be there for me, they are my sisters. As my family has grown I have definitely made some good friends along the way. Mostly other moms who had kids the same age, or my girls best friends parents etc. I have formed some good relationships with my “new” friends and some relationships that really I question why I am their friends. But I find that I might hold back a little bit or not necessarily tell them everything that is going on in my lives. I don’t feel like I can have those bottom of the belly laughs or the good cry. They aren’t all the first people I think about calling when I have a crisis. They are friends but they are not like my sisters. Living with 40 girls was always interesting and there was always some sort of drama. But I feel like I grew up with my sorority sisters. They were my roots, my foundations. They celebrated in the good times and were there in the bad times. I know that I may not see them everyday and guiltily some of them live so close to me but no matter what we are there for each other. So tonight may not happen all the time but it is what my heart and soul needs. And fingers crossed it will be the first of many more nights out with “Xi” Best sisters and friends!


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  • Lori Bruhns says:

    Wish I was closer to be a part of it! But your right…. thank goodness for Facebook, Facetime and everything else that keeps us connected! Xi love and mine to all of you. If you want to facetime me tonight I’d love to see all of you!!

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