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Enjoying my alternative work arrangements…..

August 23, 2016 0

Not often do I reap the benefits of working from home like people think I should. As discussed in earlier blogs many people misconceive work from home as stay home and do anything… Very different. Quite often I feel like I don’t get to really enjoy the true benefits of an alternative work arrangement. Yes, I do get to wear my pajamas and I do use my lunch hour to pick up my kids from school but I often just sit at my desk all day (and night) and don’t switch up my location besides a day in the office here and there. Most days I am so busy and the desire to have my laptop plugged into my big screens are almost a must. There are only a few weeks each quarter that I can truly try to take advantage of the flexibility and change up the scenery. To be honest, on most of those weeks I would rather still be at my desk. Today is a rare day that I said “Yes, let’s go” to the kids.

My older daughter has a passion for photography. She loves to take pictures and is always trying to capture that great shot. Lucky for her, my 2nd daughter will pose in a split second. So today they came flying down the stairs and I could see a plan in mind. They wanted to go to the park where they take tennis lessons and have a photo shoot. It is a gorgeous day out, not too hot, not humid and an hour at the park sounds nice. So after lots of primping and getting ready we headed out. I found a nice bench by their destination, opened the laptop and refreshingly worked and got some fresh air. It is amazing how your attitude and thoughts on work change when you can enjoy all of gods creations around you!

Here are some pictures that Emma took today….






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