December 2017

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Deep thoughts……..
December 31, 2017 at 9:15 pm 1
When I look at this picture I love the rawness of it, the innocence of it, but it makes me think...... What is going through her mind right now? Is she happy and in a state of peace? Is she basking in the newness of her freshly painted room, and new accessories. Is she worried about something, is she lonely, is she sad? Is she admiring the snow. Does she have seasonal depression like her mom? Or is she just content? Does she love life and all it has to offer? What can i do for her to make these teenage years better? Being a mom is hard and being a teenage girl is even harder. Her emotions are raw and volatile. She has struggles that i see and know about even though she puts up a good front. She is unique and beautiful. She is Laura.