August 2016

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Enjoying my alternative work arrangements…..
August 23, 2016 at 9:47 pm 0
Not often do I reap the benefits of working from home like people think I should. As discussed in earlier blogs many people misconceive work from home as stay home and do anything... Very different. Quite often I feel like I don't get to really enjoy the true benefits of an alternative work arrangement. Yes, I do get to wear my pajamas and I do use my lunch hour to pick up my kids from school but I often just sit at my desk all day (and night) and don't switch up my location besides a day in the office here and there. Most days I am so busy and the desire to have my laptop plugged into my big screens are almost a must. There are only a few weeks each quarter that I can truly try to take advantage of the flexibility and change up the scenery. To be honest, on most of those weeks I would rather still be at my desk. Today is a rare day that I said "Yes, let's go" to the kids. My older daughter has a passion for photography. She loves to take pictures and is always trying to capture that great shot. Lucky for her, my 2nd daughter will pose in a split second. So today they came flying down the stairs and I could see a plan in mind. They wanted to go to the park where they take tennis lessons and have a photo shoot. It is a gorgeous day out, not too hot, not humid and an hour at the park sounds nice. So after lots of primping and getting ready we headed out. I found a nice bench by their destination, opened the laptop and refreshingly worked and got some fresh air. It is amazing how your attitude and thoughts on work change when you can enjoy all of gods creations around you! Here are some pictures that Emma took today.... IMG_3309 IMG_3316 IMG_3368 IMG_3456
Daily Thoughts
Summer Ending…NOOOOOOO
August 18, 2016 at 10:12 am 0
I think I am the rare mom that actually doesn't want summer to end!! I know in past years I haven't always felt the same way but this year it is just ending way too soon. I love having the girls home, no schedules and just the time to relax. My work day is not interrupted with running to get the girls from school or running them to activities. I actually get to stop staring at the clock so much and just work. The kids get to relax and just enjoy the lazy days of summer. I don't feel nearly as stressed as I do when they are in school. This summer actually went by so fast. Between vacations, dance commitments and work travel it just blew right by. Now August is here and we are trying to squeeze in some fun, back to school shopping and enjoy the last moments of summer. I feel like I need one more month!! Summer don't end yet!!
Back to school deals???
August 10, 2016 at 12:19 am 0
What are your favorite back to school deals so far?? I have been avoiding the back to school rush of shopping but the reality is .... I better get myself motivated! I have picked up a few things that were great deals and no I am not talking about pencils or index cards. I mean all the OTHER stuff that you end up needing. So far this is what I found: Skip Hop "Animal Zoo" Thermos was 10.80 on Amazon. So if your kids like to bring something warm to school in their lunch box and they aren't picky what animal is on the insulated jar than this is a great deal. I ordered the Owl and my kids will happily bring their mac and cheese to school! https://www.amazon.com/Skip-Hop-Zoo-Insulated-Food/dp/B00LMV9H5U/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1470802048&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=skip+hop+animal+zoo+thermos My other deal was a Zulily find - I got the larger Clean Canteen insulated bottles for about $10. That is a great deal. If you ever look at the really nice bottles that don't sweat, these are them and typically they are close to $30. So this was a great deal and my kids will happily have cold water all day. Vera Bradley Bookbags - If you have older girls than you know the need for Vera Bradley. Last week they had the birthday sale with 25% off your purchase. Of course one of the girls picked a pattern on sale so I got a double bonus on that one, and the other one picked a new pattern. Overall, great deals! Right now they have some good deals as well on sale items. So check it out. There are still some really cute patterns. What good deals have you found?? I would love to hear all about it!
Daily Thoughts
Where did summer go?
August 10, 2016 at 12:02 am 0
I can't believe that we only have 3 weeks left of summer. It is amazing how quickly the time goes and how little we accomplished! I feel like it was just the middle of June and planning all the things that we were going to do this summer. July flew by and now it is August and I feel like the smoking bomb is sitting in my hand! I am probably the rare one who doesn't want summer to end. While working from home with your kids there is not always ideal, my kids are really good and after 6 summers of this they know the routine. It is definitely easier as they get older. Summer is a reprieve, well somewhat. We don't have the intense routine of activities. I am not driving back and forth to school. I actually get a full, uninterrupted day of work. I get to sleep in a little bit later, even if it is only an hour, I will take it! The pressure of the routine and crazy schedule is not there. While sometimes getting back to routine is great sometimes the freedom of no routine feels so much better.