April 2015

Daily Thoughts
Stomach Bug Blues
April 25, 2015 at 9:32 pm 0
Attack of the stomach bug!! We have avoided it for years at my house but wouldn't you know out or nowhere I was hit with the worst, I mean the WORST, stomach bug ever!! And of course it can't be when I don't have anything going on. It was the worst week ever for me to be sick. I was so busy at work, the kids were busy with activities and I was down for the count. I tried to continue working and managed to still work a good 12 hour day but boy I felt like I was dying. Everyone I know says it lasts for 1 maybe 2 days, but not me. I was physically sick for two days and still in bad shape for another two days. Day 5 at about 85% better it was my 40th Birthday. I could care less about the number but it was so disappointing to not be 100% and ready to celebrate. I definitely had a case of the Stomach Bug Blues. I spent my birthday bleaching, lysoling and cleaning blankets to avoid the germs spreading but of course too late. My hubby and oldest daughter are down for the count now. I don't wish this on my worst enemy.