February 20th, 2015

Daily Thoughts
Does being a virtual worker impact your career path?
February 20, 2015 at 10:51 am 1
This is a big question that I often ponder on. I would love for the answer to be "No" and I did always believe that when the company I worked for was 100% remote. Everyone in the company worked remotely and we had mastered communication and success as a company without sitting next to each other. People were able to get promoted. We felt like we had mastered the best of both worlds. Working from home and having a career. Now take a merger with another company, that is great and wonderful, but was mostly men at the time. While they accepted our remote working and saw that we were successfully they were still skeptic of it. I think over the last few years we have proven 100 times over that what we do is awesome. We have grown our side of the business tremendously, our team has grown and yet are we still the outsiders? Are we still the "other company"? There are many days I sit at my desk and think "I am a valuable employee" and "Our team is doing great". However, I do think that when you are not in the office you are forgotten. You can't advocate enough for your team because your face is not there. While you get the "yes's" and the "we are definitely working to help ya'll out" are they really. Does out of site, out of mind impact your career? I am really starting to feel that when you are working for a growing company that face time does make the world of difference. Don't get me wrong, can I do anything I need to sitting at my desk at home, absolutely! It is all mental, stereo type that someone needs to see you. Is my work not enough? The best of both worlds would be a split schedule but when you are in a whole different state than your office that gets tricky. It contradicts all the reasons that I work from home. Lately, I feel like my work and my unit are impacted because I don't sit in the office and smile at my desk, drink the kool-aid so to speak. I see my brother in law crossing this bridge too with working with a start up company. Does he take the risk and relocate his whole family to a new place all so that they can see his face while he works? It all seems silly. I don't always think that I need to be there. Some days I feel like they hear me and they listen and then other days I feel like saying WTH. A prime example, recently we started having these manager meetings. So the meeting starts and my boss pings me and asks why I am not calling in and that she is covering for me. I look at my calendar and I have nothing there. I feverishly digging through emails, stressing out, only to find out that I was never invited. Out of site, out of mind. Yet is that an X against me, probably. Or the fact that there are several meetings that impact technology for my team but I am never included on them. Out of site out of mind. Will it ultimately impact me and my career?? I have no clue but I do know that I am loyal, hard working and do more than I ever did when I sat in the office. So seeing my brother in law stress about this life changing decision, I just want to scream, GO!! Don't let it impact your dreams and your goals. Yet on the flip side, as a remote worker who truly believes that you can do anything and more from home, I want to say fight for keeping your position remote, prove to them your talent and worth. Which way is right, guess that depends on what each day holds. Some days I feel deflated, some days I feel successful, some days I feel like going back to bed, and some days I just want to run....